her nappies

Hello friends! This is your babygirl Riley, back from a long cuddly weekend with a Daddy friend. Nothing special, just a little time spent in Venice, the beach in January is one of the loveliest things about LA. We went out one night, and my friend made sure that I had my nappies on as I should. I was dressed in a rather small skirt, so really thick nappies weren’t an option. I luckily had a few Abena S2’s lying around, so I got one on and we went out for the evening.

It was a nice time, went and saw “Her“, which was really cute and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. Plus, some of the scenes in the movie took place around LA in the near future, and I had been in a few of current time versions of those spots just the night before. It was nice, and by the time we were out I was a pretty soggy girl. I was taken home for a change and a cuddle, I couldn’t help but pull up my skirt and show off my crinkles :)

It was a nice time, and a bit of a new years resolution for me. I have been a little shy lately, haven’t been snuggling with other diaper girls or daddies, a little girl like me needs lots of snuggles! I guess it’s finding a balance between my little side and mommy side, to cuddle and be cuddled. If you’re a little in the Los Angeles area, feel free to poke me and say hi :)

Hope all is well, check out the “See me Live” page and look forward to a little video later this week :) Hugs everyone!!!

11 thoughts on “her nappies

  1. hi you are a very cute diapered girl. i'm a cute diapered boy looking for a cuddly diapered girl. I applaud you for living the life that you live. please feel free to let me know if I can contact you. I'm kinda shy though.

  2. Hay riley,

    I just wanted to let you know I have been reading your blogs since I was very young. I would be comfortable with saying since the very first blog. I remember your first video in your cheer outfit. Anywyas I wanted to let you know you have played a big part in my transgender life and helped me come out fully. My Name is Katie Nicole. My email is kisaprincess. Thank you thank you. I will be riding the float in dallas Pride representing the trans community of east Texas. Thanks again riley for inspiring me to be myself

  3. that post was so good i have a lot of disabilities like cp and i also have colitis and bladder problems as well and i can get very shy about having to ware diapers 24 7 but i guess its the way life goes for me but reading your blog and seeing that you can be not shy about waring diapers i can be ok with having to ware diapers everyday because i have to happy to hear you are doing good i read your blog all the time thanks

    from Canada

  4. I've silently been a huge fan of yours,Riley <3
    You have taught me that it's okay to not only identify as LGBT, but that's it's okay to have a little side.
    Being a lesbian is hard when you live in the Bible Belt.. And my own parents flipped when they so much as heard that I had a pacifier.. I know it can be tough to be understood when so much about you is deemed “weird” or ” unnatural”
    But you take it and stride and I really look up to you for that.
    Keep being awesome and stay diapered <3
    Thank you

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