wet spots

first off – I’m back in upstate NY, will be pretty static for the next week or so, I have stacks of work to do.  Thoughts on travel/adventure/the last 3 weeks over at LetsGetSRS.com
Second off, I woke up wet : (
I was exhausted last night, had a lovely day of friends, fitness, editing, manageable internet drama, and a biiiig dinner to make up for those calories burned. It was late, as always I was in my sleeper and diaper and even had my hair in little pigtails. I fell asleep on the couch listening to music… I woke up a bit later, needles off the record, its quiet and serene and I smile at the bit of isolation, thinking this is definitely NOT the city. In my nursery I have my crib for sleeping and then another bed for guests & cuddles & changes, and I thought i’d change out the very wet Depends I was wearing into a fresh diaper for bedtime, and then go sleep in my crib. I curl up on the bed and hug my bear, a pre-diapering ritual, and as I lay back to change, as soon as my head hits the pillow, I fall right asleep.
There is light poking through the window as I wake up, I hug my bear and look at my mobile, and then realize that my sleeper is all wet, and that my sheets are all wet, and i’m just freezing. My nostrils (gross word) flare up as I smell the wetness, sometimes it’s a very comforting smell, but this time it meant that I had an accident, a leaky diaper. Feeling embarrassed though noone was around to see, I do what I’ve done a hundred+ times in my life… I peeled off my wet diaper, sleeper and sheets, I’m naked and shivering as I try to dry the mattress then put all of it in the laundry bin and hop into the shower. I have a plastic sheet for my crib, I guess I need one for my other bed too :( I usually don’t wear Depends to bed either, but I haven’t ordered any other nice diapers, I’ve got quiet a stockpile of these thin, awful little things.
I feel better, I’m in my people clothes and ready to go out into the world… I’m in another wet diaper, and need to change before I go out, I forsee myself going through this morning activities again another hundred times in my life, and it’s ok, it’s all part of being a diapered little girl, I embrace the sad and happy parts equally. I guess the point of this post is to let the bedwetting folks who read my site know that its ok, that’s why we wear diapers, this little girl can’t help but make little wet spots in her bed or crib now and then, sometimes there are wet spots on the back of my jeans, or on my tights, and that just means she needs to be changed out of her pottypants into something comfy and dry.
That was my morning, more adventures will be had throughout the day, many diapers will be worn and wet, and leaks are bound to happen when that is the case. I’ll be posting more stuff soon, staydiapered to the little ones, and to the mommies/daddies make sure you properly care for your little one when this happens, lots of hugs and comfort… and maybe a little bit of punishment :P
<3 more stuff soon <3

6 thoughts on “wet spots

  1. ohhh goodness, accidents happen, every little one has those times when the diaper doesn't keep everything safe & sound. Don't catch a cold Riley your schedule is way too hectic to do not feeling well. With pigtails, diaper, sleeper, bABy or BIG girl clothes you look adorable to this Daddy.

    I hope you are having a good weekend <3


  2. Oh my, I just had a similar experience, only it involved coming home drunk… but the crummy tena that I had totally leaked!

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