Diapered College Girls on CAM!!!!!!

I’ve spent quiet a bit of time scanning forums, diaper sites, most everything the internet has to offer. I’ve never paid for a subscription for a diaper pay site, but I’ve watched a massive amount of diaper videos. Most of them consisted in girls in diapers wetting themselves, changing; some of them had girls playing in diapers, wearing diapers in public, changing each others diapers, yadda yadda yadda
Pornography is pornography. These girls most likely don’t wear diapers for recreation. They’re all just getting paid, with the exception of sites like Aunt-Elli (www.aunt-elli.com) where the girls there I think are probably on the same level of diaper love as myself. I think that’s great, I think the sex industry (even prostitution!) is a legitimate thing, and the only thing holding it back is a puritan society that loves violence, but hates sex. So, however cheesy it may seem, I have nothing against “diaper porn”.
I don’t know how to feel about this…
or this…

These girls are wearing diapers for the reason of looking silly, and they probably have no idea about infintalism or diaper lovers, most of them probably don’t even know what the acronym “S&M” stands for. It’s the same dynamic as http://www.flashmountain.com

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Except… there’s an army of guys out there, scanning Webshots for these girls. Websites like http://www.girls-n-diapers.com/ feature loads of galleries of girls wearing diapers, girls wearing diapers over their clothes, girls playing with packs of diapers at the store, girls talking about diapers on you tube. My favorite (least favorite?) is a 2 minute monologue from an asian girl who can’t be a day over 16, about being lazy and not getting up out of bed to pee, and that she should wear a diaper, the only comment on the video is “Botulism”.

I think looking at picture of underaged girls is pretty perverted, in any format. Underage is a loose definition though… some 25 year-olds are more innocent then some 15 year-olds, no lie. It’s the idea of getting off on innocence. I could be accused on being attracted to innocence, or the loss of innocence being a theme in my work, but I could never go out and hurt ANYONE, and that’s the line. I live in a country where we are forced, under penalty of a large fine, to wear seat belts in our cars, so the law has no faith in the fact that we can make our own decisions.

So, enjoy the pictures of girls wearing diapers! It’s all about making yourself happy in an altruistic way, and it’s ok to play within the fantasy of wearing diapers, but if you make even the first step to contacting or harassing the girls, you might as well be the John Wayne Gacy of diaper world.

It all comes down to this…

was she expecting to be an Internet fantasy because of this picture?

AND…  I’ve dated 40year-olds and 17 year-olds in the same place in their lives, but you have to understand that person to really know.

2 thoughts on “Diapered College Girls on CAM!!!!!!

  1. i would like more sample photos of college girls being put into diapers by a women, could you please do more photo shoots of college girls being put into diapers by a women please, i would like to see more sample photos of full grown college girls being diapered by a women, could you please do more photo shoots of college girls being diapered and treated like a real baby by a women please, plus i would like to see sample photos of these girls forced to wet their diapers so they can be diaper changed by a women

  2. me and many other guys i know would love to see girls wearing baptism outfits consisting of a white poofy short dress,bonnet,lace socks and white mary jane shoes.a cloth diaper and plastic pants should be worn under the dress and there could be a guy kissing the girl with his hand up under the dress and other shots of her standing ,sitting and laying down.also we love to see girls in first communion dresses with the veils,lace socks or tights and the shoes with a cloth diaper and plastic pants on under the dress being shown.please look into doing something like this.thanks

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